FAQ About our courier service

UrgentExpressCourier.com.au is owned and powered by Zoom2u, we offer a platform that enables you to connect to a network of couriers throughout Australia. What’s different about us is we allow you to register online and setup an account in 30 seconds, try doing that with any other courier company. Once you have an account you see the live location of couriers on a map and place a booking. When a booking is placed it’s automatically sent to the closest courier via their iPhone or Android, the courier then decides if they want to accept the booking. If they don’t accept it starts been sent out to the rest of our network. Once a courier accepts the booking you will receive an email with the details of who the courier is and their contact number. From this point on you can now track the status of your delivery in real time via our booking system. If you ever have a question you can call the courier directly. It’s simple and easy. If you use a courier one time or on a regular basis you will notice the difference!

Can we get your parcel delivered today?

Yes. We only do same day express deliveries. You can book today and have a courier deliver them today!

For our Same Day service you will need to place the booking prior to 2pm. For our 3hr delivery or VIP service, you can request this between 8am-10pm. If you need a delivery outside of this time, it’s best to give us your advanced notice. An ETA to arrival will be emailed upon confirmation of the booking.

Please note there are times when our service does reach capacity, if this occurs we will notify you. Delivery times may vary (please check the details of your booking and refer to our Customer Terms).

Can you place a booking over the phone?

We do not take any bookings over the phone, all bookings have to be placed by our online booking system. This allows us to make sure we get all the information correct, keep our pricing low and you will then be able to track your delivery in real time. You can do this by using our online booking system here or use your iPhone, search for Zoom2u on your iPhone.

How much does it cost? Can I get a quote?

Yes, our quote form is available here so you can get an instant quote.

What times does Urgent Express Courier operate?

Our office runs from 9am-5pm EST, we answer any phone calls and reply emails during this time. While our courier service runs from 8am- 10pm Monday to Sunday. So we deliver on weekends and after hours.

If you would like to place a booking anytime, it is possible via our booking form. It is possible to have a delivery outside of these times yet it is best to give us your advanced notice.

Which area does Urgent Express Courier work in?

Our urgent express courier service operates in major cities such as in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Basically, we operate in the metro areas; yet we often will travel up to 4 hours outside of any capital city.


Can bookings be placed on weekends and after hours?

Yes. You can place bookings for deliveries for weekends and after hours, it’s just a matter of placing a booking via our online booking system. Please note our office will be available for phones calls over the weekend and after hours, however bookings are automatically dispatched to couriers at all times. You will also be given the number of the courier via email once the booking has been placed.

What goods can be sent?

You can pretty much delivery anything you want through Urgent Express Courier as long as it is less than 30kg and will fit in the vehicle you have selected. Some example items you can get delivered include boxes, flowers, keys, parts, cakes, gifts, gift hampers, e commerce deliveries and more.

What goods cant be sent?

  • People, animals or living creature of any kind;
  • Stolen or illegal items;
  • Fragile or perishable items;
  • Valuable items (including precious stones, jewellery, metals, watches, furs, china, art, antiques, prescription drugs, money, vouchers, bearer bonds, travelers cheques, bills of exchange, bank promissory notes; credit, pre-pay or store cards with a cash equivalent value; spirits, tobacco & cigarettes) ;
  • Dangerous items which are flammable, corrosive, poisonous or explosive as fireworks and other items that have been deemed dangerous under any laws or regulations;
  • Illicit drugs, firearms or weapons of any description;
  • Hazardous materials of whether the risk can be reduced if packaged properly;
  • Chemicals, gasses, poisons, toxic waste, organic peroxides, radioactive materials, oxidising substances, viruses, bacteria, infectious and biological substances, human tissue, living organisms and specimens or otherwise unlawful.


How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?

When you enter in your booking details we will send you back a confirmation on who the courier is along with their contact details and ETA to arrival. The great thing with Zoom2u is that you have the ability to track the location of the courier in real time.


Are my goods safe?

Yes. All couriers have completed a courier training program along with passing a background check. In the unlikely event that damage of goods occur, we pay up to $300 to cover any damages. A rating to the courier is solicited each time a courier delivery is completed to make sure all our couriers are assessed through a star rating.

What happens if my goods are damaged or lost?

It’s very unlikely that your goods will be lost or even damaged. The reason for this is because we don’t use a warehouse to transfer goods from one driver to the next. When your courier picks up your goods they will take the item to the delivery location.

In the unlikely event your goods are lost or damaged we will pay up to $300 except for items in the restricted items as per our customer terms and conditions.


What happens if I cancel or no one is present?

If you cancel your delivery prior to the courier being on route to your location there isn’t any charge.

If the courier arrives and no one is at the pickup location you will be charged the full pickup fee. We will however try to contact you by phone and sms and wait up to 10 minutes.

If no one is at the drop off location we will wait 10 minutes before we return your item to the pickup locations. You will be charged the full fee plus the return fee. Couriers will try to call and sms prior to returning any goods.

Can I call the courier?

Yes, you can directly contact your courier. Every booking will be provided with the courier’s phone number to be able to get connected with them. However the ability to track via the app reduces the need to speak with them.


Where can I get more information?

For more information on urgent express courier, feel free to email us at hello@urgentexpresscourier.com.au and we will be pleased to help you! Our Customer Terms will provide further detailed facts as to the nature of our service.