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Weekend Deliveries

  • Express Weekend Service
  • Weekend Deliveries up to 10pm
  • Reliable & Efficient

Our express service runs across the weekend from 8am-10pm

Whenever you have something to send locally or interstate with urgency, we will make it possible for you. Book online or via phone app and receive an instant notification of your registration and booking.

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Online Booking

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13 mins 46 secs


Successfully completed Deliveries

Once the booking is dispatched to the courier nearest to you or to the pickup location, you’ll receive the name and phone number of the assigned courier. This will allow you to contact them via phone call or SMS. Our courier system enables you to track your courier location in real time so you won’t lose sight of your parcel. If you’re in need of express weekend deliveries, our platform ensures that your parcels get delivered on time and with care!